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The environmental costs of cheap products

We have increasingly heard talk of the damage the growth of fast fashion is having on the environment can the same be said for textile based products in the mobility sector?

Fast fashion focuses on speed and low cost to deliver frequent new collections often inspired by celebrity styles and I think many of us have been guilty of buying cheap clothes with the intention of only wearing them once or twice.

The statistics are horrific, one rubbish truck of clothes are burnt or landfilled every second, that's 2,625 kg of clothes.

Now I am not suggesting the mobility sector is dumping 2,625kg of bags and covers a second or even a year but in the demand to drive down prices over my 18 years in this sector I have seen the emergence of more and more low cost, copies of bags, covers and wet weather wear items, touted as a "cheap option"

I understand the temptation, who cares if it only lasts a year? A free bag, who cares if it breaks after a few months? We all should... cheap products from my experience only last a few months to a year at best and then they are thrown and replaced. This is damaging both to your brand but also to our environment. Lets get back to the days when a product lasts

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