A bag in a bag...

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

I went shopping today for a new school bag for my son we scoured various sports shops like JB Sports and Sports Direct, outdoor shops like Blacks and even a nosey in Smiggle to see what they had to offer and can I tell you the one thing they all had in common. Not one hid their bags away in guess what... a bag.

I perhaps am partially responsible for the way the majority of bags in the mobility sector are packaged since I created the first fabric packaging bag which has since been replicated by many others. The bags are lovely, don’t get me wrong but as you stare at them on the shelf what are you looking at? Well a packaging bag.

What I want people to be looking at is my heavy duty 1680 denier oxford, my attractive grey trims, my easy grip zip pulls and the ingenious new design to hold your walking sticks even securer.

A customer staring at bags in bags and everything becomes about price. Two bags in bags on display and the buying decision isn’t about which is made better, which feels better, which looks better it becomes about which is cheaper.

Celebrate the quality of a MyWren bag by displaying it proudly. Hang it from its handle, display it on a wheelchair or scooter get people to really look at it, feel it, test it. They won’t be disappointed.


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