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MyWren Flexi Mobility Bag XL

What makes a MyWren bag special?

The Flexi extra large is a flexible mobility bag designed to be used on most wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs. 

The super sized bag is ideally suited to the largest scooters on the market and bariatric wheelchairs and can fit a good grocery shop inside. Do not underestimate the size of the bag, please ensure it will fit between the pushing handles of your handles of your wheelchair and not obscure the lights on your scooter. 

Constructed with a heavy duty, waterproof, 1680 denier oxford it is considerably larger than the regular version, proving a popular choice for larger scooters and wheelchairs or those who simply like to carry more.


It also benefits from a simple fixing point at the base of bag meaning that if you are a wheelchair user being pushed, your helper can secure the base of the bag together to prevent the bag from being in the way of their legs.


The Flexi extra large is a durable multipurpose bag with easy grip zip pulls, removable crutch/walking stick holders and side storage pockets. The crutch/walking stick holders are large enough for the ferrules on NHS crutches and the popular Flexyfoot ferrules. 

Everything about the extra large is supersized from the double thickness velcro side fastenings for scooters to the double thickness and super sized buckles for fastening to your wheelchair. 

It also boasts reflective trims for improved visibility, attractive handles and the distinctive MyWren grey trims.

Colour: Black

Code: FMBXL01 

Size: H 57cm W 45cm D 15cm 

RRP £51.00 ex VAT 

VAT EXEMPTION: All products in the MyWren range are entitled to VAT exemption. Please ask your stockist for further details. 


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